APRA BOOKS was founded in the mid 1970’s, as a fund raising section of the Nottingham based Anomalous Phenomenon Research Association. Following the demise of that organisation in the early 1990’s, it was decided that APRA BOOKS would become a commercial venture. Since that time, it has developed from dealing in general books, to become the specialised business it is today. With one exception, we now trade exclusively in books and pamphlet material relating to all aspects of the Occult including Divination, Psychic Research, Witchcraft and associated material & also Earth Mysteries, Fortean Phenomena, & UFO’s, Folklore, and some Archaeology including Egyptology.

The exception to the above, is that we are also one of the very limited number of dealers in the U.K., that specialise in book and pamphlet material relating to Freethought, Rationalism and Atheism from the 18th. Century to the present time. The stock list on this site will regularly contain a number of these items.
At any given time, we have an average stock level of between 4,500 & 5,000 books. It is our intention to use this web site, to showcase a random selection of these and the selection will generally be changed every 4 to 6 weeks. We would therefore suggest regular return visits to this site.
While we do not offer a ‘book search’ service, we welcome customers ‘wants’ lists and check these against our computerised stock records. If Items are not in our stock, we will endeavour to locate such items through our trade contacts and when on our regular buying trips.
It has been many years since we last published regular printed mail order book catalogues, but in the not too distant future, it is our intention to re-commence the publication of these extreamely popular lists by E-Mail. Each one will contain a selection of books from each category within our stock, namely Alternative medicine,  Archaeology & Egyptology, Divination, Folklore, Fortean - (including Cryptozoology, Earth mysteries), Freethought & Atheism,  Occult,  Paganism -  (including Goddess worship, Shamanism & Druidry) , Psychic research -  (including Hauntings, Mediumship, reincarnation, spiritualism) ,  Witchcraft and UFO Phenomenon.
Should you wish to receive these catalogues as and when they are published, please contact us via the enquiry form on the "contact us" page of this web site.
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We wish to assure our customers that any personal information given to us during a transaction, either by phone, e-mail or on the order form, is treated in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to any third parties, other than if legally demanded by British law enforcement agencies.


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If you would like to receive copies of our e-mailed book catalogues as they are published, (approximmately quarterly) please use our contact form to let us know your e-mail address.

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